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MAYBACH SW 35/38/42

7-seater Pullman limousine, convertible cabriolet, various customs.

The small Maybach, if you can call any car weighing 2½ tons in limo form small. Very modern design, the six-cylinder engine was 'square', with an eight main bearing crank. Ifs by coil and wishbone with swing axle irs. Vacuum servo brakes on all four wheels, the Doppelschnellgang 'box appears again, there's a centralized chassis lubrication, and a choice of wheelbases, 123½ins/136½ins for '35, 132¾ins/143½ins from '36 on. Nice touches included full headlining and dome lights on cabrios, push in ignition keys for starting, gearbox and diff dipsticks accessible from cockpit, and resevoirs for brake and gearbox under right hand running board.

Technical Specifications

43435cc/3790cc/4197cc (S6 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1935 to 1941  
Number produced:
61 approx