2-door 5-seater hardtop coupé.

Mercedes-Benz wringing everything out of the basic W123 theme, these being neat, pillarless two-door coupé bodies on the same basic platform, shortened by 3.3ins, and taking over from the 250CE/280CE coupés produced from 1968-76. 230C sold here only to 1980 with 109bhp engine. High-powered 280Ce good for 125mph, with elegance, and same mechanical running gear as 280E saloon. Not as roomy as 280E, but distinctly different: rare in the UK.

Technical Specifications
2307cc (S4 OC), 2746cc (S6 DOC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1977 to 1985
Number produced
18,675 total/18,464 to end 1979
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