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6/7-passenger saloon, 4/5-passenger tourer, 6/7-passenger tourer, 4/5-passenger sports coupé, Pullman-limousine.

A real stayer. This was, along with the Grosser, the last Mercedes to use a conventional chassis design with rigid axle, semi-elliptics, and U-sectioned frame. Two chassis lengths, a 1441/2ins wheelbase and the Kurz on a 135ins wheelbase. Till 1933 all cars had the flat rad, and styling and appearance redolent of big Yanks. 500 introduced in '31, good for 80mph in overdrive top. 460 good for around 75mph and nearly all fitted with wood artillery wheels. '33 season saw a revamp: no mechanical changes, but pointed rad now standard and styling improved; wire wheels on late models.

Technical Specifications

4592cc/4884cc (S8 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1928 to 1939  
Number produced:
3824 approx