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Roadster, cabriolet A, cabriolet C, 4-seater tourer, numerous customs.

Donner und Blitzen motoring. Around 200bhp on tap from the enlarged engine. It's in the same chassis, although the radiator is taller on this model. Known as the 38/250 in Britain, you could buy it with a variety of superchargers including the notorious 'Elephant' blower, as fitted to the works sport racers; Carraciola won the 1929 Ards TT in a car so equipped. Not quite as elegant as the S-type, there were still some lovely bodies by such notable as Saoutchik, Corsica, Freestone and Webb and Castagna. From '32 on, came with a white rimmed steering wheel and the mesh radiator was replaced by shutters. Well over 100mph, The Autocar winding one up to 114mph. Incredibly expensive then (over £3000 in '34) and now.

Technical Specifications

7069cc (S6 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1928 to 1935  
Number produced:
102 approx