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2-seater sports.

Nowadays, we'd call the Montlhéry Midget a homologation special. The engine used a shorter stroke than the M-type to get the car into the 750cc sports car class, there was a new crankshaft, and it was possible to buy the unit in three different forms: normally aspirated using the standard AA type head, normally aspirated using the new crossflow AB head, and blown with the AB head, in which case it gave 52.5bhp at 6500rpm. A massive four-speed ENV 'box was used, all the brakes adjusted from the cock pit, there was an engine cover strap, scuttle mounted oil supply tank, rad cowl, quick release fillers, undershield, fold-flat screen and scuttle deflector cowls. It sold for £295 (unblown) and £345 if supercharged (a No 7 Powerplus unit was specified, blwing at 8 to 10psi). With its external exhaust and pretty, pointed tail body, it looked every inch a miniature road racer, and this it proved to be in competition: the 1931 TT was its most notable success.

Technical Specifications

746cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1931 to 1932  
Number produced: