Open 2-seater, open 4-seater, foursome coupé.

A sheep in wolf's clothing, MG's first Magna used a six-cylinder engine that was nothing more than a Wolseley Hornet unit with twin carbs and gave all of 37.2bhp at 4100rpm. It was facetiously said that with its 94ins wheelbase chassis that it had the length but not the breath... Four speeds were standard, there were 8ins brakes until late '32 (then they fitted 12ins drums) and the foursome coupé with sliding roof sold for £289. F2 was the chassis with 12ins brakes and Midget two-seater body, F3 the same chassis with other body styles.

Technical Specifications
1271cc (S6 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1931 to 1932
Number produced
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