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MG MGB MK II (black bumper)

2-door 2-seater/2+2 sports car/coupé hatchback.

A good car ruined by ugly 'safety' bumpers and high ride height (needed to meet USA regulations). During mid-seventies, all engines progressively detuned to meet regulations, weight crept up and performance declined. Poor tip-toe handling rescued for 1977 with different settings (still too high off the ground), and completely new facia in same year. All cars with overdrive from mid-1975. Last batch were dolled-up 'LE' Limited Edition models, but mechanically the same. Note: 750 'Anniversary special' GT's were built in 1975 with V8 wheels and so on. Now quite valuable.

Technical Specifications

1798cc (S4 OHV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1974 to 1980  
Number produced:
see MK II (chrome bumper)