Open 2-seater, open 4-seater.

Radical departure for the firm, using a watercooled Ford 8hp engine in a pressed steel channel section frame; gone is the vee-twin tubular chassis. Sliding pillar ifs still used, and there was a three speed and reverse 'box. F4 was four-seater, introduced in '34, the F2 the two-seater, introduced in '36. £120 would buy you an F4 in '34, tax was only £4, and the whole ensemble would do 65mph. Girling brakes from late '37, and you could also get them with 10hp engines. There was even an accelerator pedal.

Technical Specifications
933cc/1172cc (S4 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1934 to 1939
Number produced
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