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2-seater, 4-door saloon, Commercial Traveller's Saloon, sports coupé, 4-light coupé.

Introduced in October 1931, this model marked the end of the 'Flatnose'. New 'Eddyfree' body, new chassis with Lockheed hydraulics, but still very much  Cowley, retaining the Hotchkiss-type engine which had served since 1919. Initially 11.9hp and 13.9hp versions offered to choice, at no extra cost. No four-seater tourer, but two coupés - a saloon-like four-light model and a sports coupé in the new house style with solid rear quarters, leathercloth-covered roof and dummy hood irons. Sturdy workhorse, but not as successful as the earlier Cowleys - the Ten was much more popular. 'Twin-top' four speed 'box for '33 and 11.9hp engine standardised - 13.9hp for export only. Should be cheaper than Flatnoses to buy.

Technical Specifications

1548cc/1802cc (S4 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1932 to 1933  
Number produced:
24,205 inc commercial derivatives