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Saloon, 4-light coupé.

Replacement for the Major, with lower-slung bodies and new cruciform chassis; otherwise much as before. Engine returns to 14.9hp, though. No tourer and only one coupé variant - an attractive four-light model. Renamed Fifteen-Six for short model year. Recognition point for Fifteen-Six is that lamp support bar passes behind radiator honeycomb, rather than in front of it as on Cowley-Six. Had the older 'L' type engine, still something of a poor relation to the Oxford Six with its more modern 'Q' type unit, but a good seller all the same.

Technical Specifications

1938cc (S6 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1934 to 1935  
Number produced:
15,470 inc Twelve-Four and Cowley-derived commercials