Saloon, 4-light coupé.

New cross-braced chassis and longer, lower body (similar to that of Cowley-Six) in saloon and coupé forms. 'Equipoise' flexible mounting for engine and four-speed synchro 'box, with Bendix automatic clutch and freewheel as new features. Renamed Sixteen for 1935, when joined by Twenty - identical but for bigger 2561cc version of engine. Bodies are last burst of thirties perpendicular before the more streamlined 'series' models. Desirable mid-range Sixes for those who don't fancy the bigger Isis and Twenty-Five, but how reliable is that Bendix clutch - if it hasn't been changed to a manual version?

Technical Specifications
2002cc/2561cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1934 to 1935
Number produced
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