2-door 2+2-seater hatchback coupé.

Radically different Porsche - the first-ever front-engined/water-cooled variety, with rear-mounted gearbox/transaxle. Strangely anonymous style with smooth lines and pop-up headlamps, and 125bhp from modified VW/LT van engine. In spite of misgivings, the price was right, the handling nicely neutral, and top speed was 125mph. Almost all UK models in 'Lux' trime, with five-speed transmission, but some 'basics' and a few four speeders or automatics. Secondhand supply is generous, and 924s are good value today. Displaced by up-engined 924S in 1985.

Technical Specifications
1984cc (S4 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1976 to 1984
Number produced
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