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2-door 4-seater hatchback coupé.

Hugely impressive, beautifully made, fast but somehow characterless Porsche supercar. Even with 140mph top speed, and impeccable road holding and flexibility, not totally liked because of smooth but unmemorable styling - and because 911 was still faster! Second Porsche to have front engine (all-new V8) and rear transmission; many in fact sold with Mercedes-Benz type automatic option. Possibly the most efficient car in the world when new - if you didn't like it you were a poseur or a show-off at least! Is 240bhp not enough? Displaced by 928S, later progressed to S2, then S4.

Technical Specifications

4474cc (V8 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1977 to 1982  
Number produced: