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5-seater saloon, 2-light aero coupé, 4-light aero coupé, drophead coupé with dickey, 4-seater drophead coupé, 7-seater limousine.

More and more like a middle class Yank, using the same engine as the previous Vivasix. Louvres were now phased out and replaced by bonnet shutters, the coal scuttle had gone for good, and coupés were finished in an interesting two tone style. Late '34 saw a complete revamp, with aerodynamic influences playing their part in the styling. Swept tails, skirted wings, full width bodies, recessed and illuminated umber plates were all 'in', and other trans-Atlantic touches included throttle pedal operated starters, automatic chokes and umbrella type handbrakes.

Technical Specifications

3180cc/3620cc (S6 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1933 to 1935  
Number produced: