Sports saloon, 4-passenger Victoria.

Aerodynamic styling comes in with a whimper, the '31 Reo concessions being a vee-grille, bonnet shutters instead of louvres, and a smoother roof/screen line. Straight eight engine has nine bearings and coil ignition, hydraulics are standard and it came on a 135ins frame. '32's 835 model is recognized as a true classic in the US, and this year saw the introduction of a vacuum controlled clutch. '33 models were facelifted, so in came skirted fenders, a down curved front bumper, automatic chokes, freewheels, synchromesh, and though it lacks the elegance of '32 models, it's still an attractive and desirable machine.

Technical Specifications
5866cc (S8 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1931 to 1933
Number produced
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