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Saloon, sports saloon, tourer, 2/3-seater tourer, 4-seater coupé, 2-seater coupé/cabriolet, limousine, Bearcat 2-seater speedster, Bearcat sports saloon, Super Bearcat speedster.

Stutz swan-song, with twin ohc, 32 valves and hemispherical combustion chamber head. It had four speeds until '34 when it gained synchro and lost a ratio, there were three chassis lengths, 134½ins, 145ins and the short 116ins reserved for the Super Bearcat. 90mph on for English bodied saloons, over the ton for Bearcats. Bodies, especially Speedster were gorgeous, and anybody who raves over Bugattis should take a look at one. It didn't save the firm, though.

Technical Specifications

5277cc (S8 DOC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1932 to 1935  
Number produced: