4-door 5-seater saloon/2-door 5-seater fastback coupé.

This gets confusing. In the UK, to replace the Corona Mk II, Toyota brought in a smaller, current, Corona, but called it only the '2000'! Shorter wheelbase by three inches, more squared-up styling, and less interior space, looking similar to the Crown of the period. This time with leaf-sprung beam rear axle, and with a five-speed gearbox as standard. Lasted for only two years in the UK - coupés and engine options were available here.

Technical Specifications
1588cc (S4 OHV), 1808cc/1968cc (S4 OC), 1968cc (S4 DOC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1973 to 1978
Number produced
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