2-seater coupè.

Round-tube backbone frame, VW torsion-bar suspension at both ends, Austin-Healey 100-Six front drum brakes (discs optional from '60), BMC final-drive unit, Consul/Zephyr MkII windscreen, and the squat glass-fibre TVR coupè bodyshell. Wire wheels standard, and under the bonnet you get what you pay for: 1172cc sidevalve Ford (optionally supercharged, and with possibility of special four-speed gearbox), 105E Ford ohv, Coventry-Climax ohv, or BMC B-series from MGA, sometimes in HRG-Derrington tune. Rather a hotchpotch, and later TVRs probably preferable.

Technical Specifications
1172cc/997cc/1489cc/1588cc/1098cc/1216cc (S4 SV/OHC/OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1958 to 1960
Number produced
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