2-door 2-seater sports car.

A down-market Porsche, co-produced with Volkswagen, and spoilt by dreadful looks. Distinguished by mid-engine position and removable roof panel, but strictly two seats only. Most chassis engineering (all-independent) from VW parts bin, including 411-type air-cooled engine, but special five-speed box (plus optional Sportomatic), and four-wheel discs. 2-litre version (left-hand drive only) for 1973. Neither sold well in UK, in spite of 100bhp/120mph for 2-litre version. The price tag and the 'VW' connotation didn't help.

Technical Specifications
1679cc/1795cc/1971cc (HO4 OHV)
Mid engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1968 to 1975
Number produced
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