Barnfind E-type demolishes estimate at Bonhams


A 1961 Jaguar E-type ‘flat floor’ that had been untouched for 30 years tripled its estimate to sell for £109,020 at Bonhams yesterday.

The sports car, which we previewed earlier, had been estimated to make just £20-30,000 in Hendon and came complete with its original hood, owner’s manual and logbook.

Another surprise came in the form of a beautifully presented 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine, which soared over its £50k estimate to make £79,000.

The limo came equipped for life in the executive fast lane with a TV, video player, fax machine, three telephones, a wine cooler and a cocktail cabinet, while the exterior was finished in Harrods Green.

The Royce also came with receipts for a £89,900 restoration by specialist Kenneth Evans Associates.

Completing the top lots was a 1969 Aston Martin DB6, which had been subject to a £30,000 restoration, and sold for £107,900.

Meanwhile, a bargain American classic took the shape of a mint-condition 1969 Pontiac Firebird Coupe that made £15,525.

It had receipts for everything from replacing the fuel pump to a top-end rebuild, new springs, plus a performance Edelbrock intake manifold.

A 1988 TVR S Roadster with just 47,200 miles on the clock looked a great buy at a paltry £1782.

The sale’s full results can be viewed on the auction house’s website.


Pre 80s TVR

Sorry, have you put an extra digit in that price! That is crazy money to spend on something that almost certainly needs the same amount spending on it to get it back on the road in a condition that will do justice to it. And if I had £200k in a car, I'd leave in it the garage and be afraid to take it out...

Looks like it's time to abandon my TVR in the garage, so that I can retire in style in 20 years time.


TVR Car Club Pre80s Editor


I know where there's a barnfind Daewoo Matiz if anyone's interested.


I know of an Aston Martin DB5 in similar condition that's remained untouched for over 30 years. If a barn find E Type can realise £109,000 what must this DB5 be worth ???

Chris Martin

I have always tried to keep my 450SLC in showroom condition, but maybe I should just park it up in the shed, throw some dirt, dust and bird droppings on it and wait to see if these old Mercedes tanks ever come back in favour.
This 'barnfind' mentality is getting out of hand now.
And as for the comment from fergieswatchmaker, that would sound like a waste of barn space, you could fit a Matiz in the cupboard under the stairs and still have room for the Dyson!



It's the originality that is important. So many E-Types were butchered and badly restored in the past. It is very difficult to properly restore a badly restored car without it ending up like triggers broom as so many original parts will have been binned in the past. Such an original car presents a unique opportunity and it's an outside lock car too. And how many of the original 91 are left? Value is subjective to a collector. Then again maybe it's about to spend another 35 years in a barn again!!!


I wish I could just find a barn. They've all been converted to houses around here!

Russell Campbell

If the above is anything to go by the TVR might not be worth much after 20 years Oliver, but I'd certainly want it! The S above is as good value as the E-type is scary!

Corrie, if the DB5 remains in the barn send me some information and pics to Thanks!


I trust the purchaser has taken advice from his financial adviser. Mine tells me we are about to see a crash in all asset prices.


£100k for an E-Type that is likely to cost a pretty packet to make good? Jeez. Can't believe the E-Type bubble is still floating. Surely it will soon pop. It was 2-years ago (almost) when prices soared for its 50th birthday. What is going on...??


In answer to " what is going on ? " it's not about barn find E types as such. Over the last couple of years a pattern has been developing with barn finds in general. Some collectors are prepared to pay a huge premium for the fact that these " virgin " cars have NEVER been touched before and present a unique opportunity to own something totally original and in turn, very, very rare. Over the last 2 years, in many cases, prices for" barn finds "have now reached way beyond the equivalent restored version. Maybe the price guides should now include " barn find " as a condition category above " concours "!!

Such is the price of exclusivity !!!!

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