Barnfind Porsches go under the hammer this weekend

| 22 Aug 2013

Porsche fever will grip Norfolk on Saturday (24 August) when the first group of cars from a much-hyped 200-strong collection comes up for sale at Anglia Car Auctions.

Some 26 examples will be sold, in hugely varying states of repair and touted as the ideal opportunity for people to pick up a project at an affordable price.

As we all as a wealth of 911s and 912s, cars on sale include everything from a 1958 356A (main image) carrying an estimate of £16-20,000, to a 1959 356B Roadster (below, £39-70,000). A selection of cars from the collection is at the bottom of this story.

The knock-on effect of the announcement has been dramatic, too, with the sale attracting a bumper crop of other Porsches on the back of the collection.

There will be plenty on offer that doesn't hail from Stuttgart, however, and if the 356s all go beyond your budget, you can pick up a supercharged lookalike Rochdale Olympic for an estimated £7-9000.

Other lots that caught our eye included this 1947 Allard L Type (£29-35,000), a 1961 Lancia Flaminia Touring (£35-45,000) and a rally-prepped Rover P4 (£6-8000).

A former C&SC cover car is up for grabs, too, in the form of a rare Alamo Beige MGA (£17-20,000).

A few more of the Porsches:

1968 912 LHD, £8-12,000

1960 356B Cabrio LHD, £40-50,000

1956 356 Coupé LHD

1967 911S SWB LHD, £19-25,000