Bergerac Triumph Roadster coming up for sale

| 25 Oct 2013

Cue twangy theme tune, trippy acting and sundrenched Jersey always actually seeming to be rather dank and drizzly; the legendary Bergerac Triumph Roadster could soon be yours.

The 1949 car that starred in the long-running BBC TV series will be sold by Bonhams at its Harrogate sale on 13 November and is expected to fetch £25-30,000.

The roadster 2000 was used by the BBC from 1985-'91 for which the registration was changed from the original KLX 322 to the Jersey mark 1610 J, because another Triumph carrying the Jersey registration had previously been used during the filming.

It was later auctioned for Children in Need, raising £37,000, despite actor John Nettles' less than complimentary verdict on the car.

He once said of the car: "It was indeed a horror, this thing was impossible to drive with any degree of safety. The thing was mechanically defunct. On a good day with a following wind going down a one in six, you might get it up to 20mph. The engine sounded so bad and so decrepit that they used to put on the sound of a Jaguar engine. The times I scraped my knuckles and banged my knees on that bloody car, I hated it, hated it with a passion. I was glad to be shot of it."

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