Maserati Ghibli comes out of hiding after 14 years

| 19 Mar 2013

A Maserati Ghibli with a low estimate of just £12,000 is to be auctioned in May.

But before you get too excited, the 1968 car has been in storage for 14 years and, even though it looks fairly together in the picture, apparently it will need a full restoration, which would dwarf the purchase cost.

If that doesn't put you off, it will be sold at Silverstone Auctions' International Trophy Sale on 17 May.

Silverstone Auctions MD Nick Whale said: "With some loving care and attention, this stunning Ghibli can once again rule the road as one of the most beautiful Maseratis to be built.

"Indeed, it’s not every day that such a unique opportunity is presented in the classic car world, so I would urge interested parties to get in touch with Silverstone Auctions for more information about this car."