Vast collection of microcars to go under the hammer at RM

| 12 Feb 2013

The no-reserve sale of the ‘world’s largest collection of the world’s smallest cars’ will get underway on 15-16 February at RM’s auction of the Bruce Weiner Collection.

Held at the collector’s museum in Madison, Georgia, the sale is likely to be led by a 1958 FMR Tg500 'Tiger' that is estimated to make $125-150,000.

Painted in Rose with black fenders, the machine is a unique example of the world’s fastest Messerschmitt, although this still means modest figures of 0-60mph in 28 secs and a top speed of 78mph.

Thought to be one of only 150 Tg500s left, it features a rear-mounted spare, a luggage rack and a tinted visor ‘to aid the sportsman driver’.

It heads the world’s only complete collection of Messerschmitts – all of which are up for sale – spanning everything from a 1953 KR175 to the last surviving 1961 KR201 Sport.

The award for smallest machine on offer goes to a 1964 Peel P-50, which carries an estimate of $35-45,000.

Built on the Isle of Man, the Peel began as a project to evaluate the minimum dimensions needed to build a car. Going on show at the NEC in 1962, it caused such a stir that in the end 47 were built under the slogan ‘almost cheaper than walking’.

Now only 26 are left and this example has been subjected to a complete restoration.

The sale covers the entire range of Isettas and a pair of BMW 600s, but it is oddities that will be the object of the most attention.

They include machines such as a 1959 BMW Isetta ‘Whatta Drag’, which is estimated at $75-100,000 and the 1955 Fuji Cabin ($75-100,000).

The former features a 730bhp Chevrolet V8 and a warning that the machine is strictly for show due to the massive amount of torque produced by the Chevrolet 502 motor.

While the latter, an exceptionally rare vehicle in the microcar world, was discovered in the US before being completely restored.

Among the other lots are a painstaking recreation of a 1955 BMW Isetta Jagdwagen (Hunting Car), which is estimated to make $25-35,000, a 1961 BMW Isetta German police car ($40-50,000) and a 1956 BMW Isetta 'Bubble Window' Cabrio ($45-55,000).

The full lot list can be viewed on RM’s website.