Calling all Kaisers: get ready to Rally

| 6 Mar 2012

A Kaiser enthusiast is trying to muster the biggest-ever UK gathering of the marque at this year's Rally of the Giants on 29 July.

Operating for less than a decade post-war, the Kaiser/Frazer Corporation built Kaisers and Frazer at an ex-bomber factory at Willow Run, Michigan.

Now marque fan David Angel wants as many as possible of them on show at the Blenheim Palace during the Pre '50 American Auto Club's annual rally.

He said: "It will be great to see as many of these rare cars as possible, so if you have a suitable car, even if it is part- or unrestored, please bring it along for this unique gathering, we will be pleased to see it. This is an open invitation to all Kaiser/ Frazier owners to bring along their cars to make the biggest asembly of Kaiser, and Frazer cars ever in this country!"

Among the cars on show will be Angel's own 1953 Kaiser Dragon Hard top (pictured). The most expensive Kaiser ever and with only 1277 built, it is distinguished by Gold plated brightwork and a Padded 'Bambu' Vinyl top.

Also there will be one of the 15,450 Kaiser Manhattan four-door saloons manufactured. The 1953 example signed up for Rally of the Giants also once belonged to Angel, but, having been off the road for 30 years, has just been restored by Gerry White of Bristol.