Superb turn-out at Austin and Morris Day

| 13 Mar 2012

Star of the 19th Morris and Austin Day at Brooklands on Sunday (11 March) was a super-rare Mumfords Morris Marina convertible.

The 1974 car was based on a Marina Coupe and Crayford carried out the work on commission for Devon-based BL dealer Mumfords.

Because the Marina Coupe used the same doors as the saloon, rather than longer ones as is usual for two-door variants, Crayford devised a strange-looking "rear" window to bridge the gap between the door and roofline.

Surprisingly perhaps, some 70 of the Marinas were converted of which up to a dozen survive. Find our more about them at this excellent website.

There was a superb turn-out for the event which also included a huge number of mainstream classics as well as some wolves in sheep's clothing.

Most monstrous of them was a period-looking Morris Minor red post van that upon closer inspection was signwritten Royal "Male" instead of Mail.

Of course, the hot-rod was a bit more obvious as soon as you opened the bonnet and saw the full-bore Rover V8 packed in there.