1911 Vulcan removed from house's hallway where it rested for 28 years

| 4 Nov 2013

A 1911 Vulcan has been removed from the hallway of a house where it has rested for 28 years after the owner put it in there in 1985 just planning to leave it for a day.

The rare two-seater four-cylinder 2-litre tourer came to light when the owner died and has since been removed from the house.

It will now be sold at auction by Historics  at Brooklands on 30 November with an estimate of £37-33,000.

The auction house said: "This very rare and original 15.9hp Vulcan two seat tourer with dicky seat - it is believed that fewer than 10 remain worldwide - was manufactured by Vulcan Motor and Engineering in Southport, Merseyside, nine years after the company was formed in 1902 by brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson.

"Well-maintained throughout its life, this Vulcan was regularly dusted, polished and cosseted as any other household ornament whilst in the hallway, and is presented in completely original condition but for period replacement lights and bulb horn. It still has the original grey coach paint, coachlined in gold, with opulent brown button-back leather seating and contrasting fawn roof and side screens."

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