Treasure trove of classics discovered in Italian tunnel

| 5 Jul 2013

The Bourbon tunnel in Naples has revealed a collection of stashed classics that date back to WW2 and the country’s Fascist era.

Cars including Fiats and Lancias, which are thought to have been used to carry black-market goods, were confiscated by the Italian Police and stored in the cavern that dates back to the 19th century.

The hoard was discovered under an eight-metre pile of rubbish and also revealed US WW2 Army vehicles.

Gianluca Minin, the geologist who made the find, and his team took seven years to clear the mess so that it could be opened to the public.

The passage was originally hand chiselled to serve King Ferdinand II as an escape route from his Royal Palace, but is also part of the Carmignano aqueduct system and would double as an air raid shelter.

Find out more on the Tunnel Borbonico website.