French treasures to lead German classic show

| 1 Nov 2011

The legendary Schlumpf reserve collection will go on public display for the first time when the Bremen Classic Motorshow celebrates its 10th anniversary next year.A 1927 Hotchkiss AM2 (above) and a 1928 Voisin C7C (below) will head a selection of 10 cars on loan from Le Musée National de l´Automobile in Mulhouse at the German event from 3 to 5 February next year.

Frank Ruge, Bremen Classic Motorshow’s project manager, is delighted with the French museum’s generosity: “We want to celebrate our 10th exhibition with a really special theme and our French friends have provided exactly what we needed. We are most grateful for their generous support.” Other Schlumpf highlights will include an Austro Daimler ADR 6, formerly used by the mayor of Vienna, and a 1925 Ravel 9HP, built by the brother of classical musical composer Maurice Ravel and believed to be the only remaining example.The museum delights will lead the show’s originality theme, which will extend to classic motorcycles in the ÖVB-Arena, according to Martin Gründmeyer from the German Association of Veteran Motorists: “Only original motorcycles, un-restored but in working condition will be featured, including a Victoria Bergmeister, a Wanderer 500, an Opel Motoclub and also a Wuerttemberg.”Youngtimers – from the 1960s to the late ’90s – will have a dedicated hall, meaning double the number of cars to go on display than in previous years.The cars for sale area will emulate the main show’s emphasis on preservation: “They must be original and un-restored, have a complete history and no more than 100,000km on the clock,” explained Ruge.The show is open from 9am to 6pm. Tickets cost €14. See Bremen Classic Motor Show for more.