Group B rally cars to take centre stage at Wilton Classic and Supercar

| 3 Apr 2014

More than 170 classic cars and 200 supercars are having their numbers bolstered by the addition of a Group B rally demonstration to the Wilton Classic Supercar with Castrol Edge lineup, it has been announced.

The parkland around the spectacular Wilton House will echo to the bark of engines and scrabbling tyres as some of the most iconic Group B rally cars will undertake high speed runs along the gravel track on the valley floor.

With their outrageous styling and fire spitting exhausts, these cars were outlawed in 1986, but thanks to Slowly Sideways a thrilling selection of these groundbreaking cars will be evoking the memories of 1980s rally driving in truly spectacular fashion.  Think MG Metro 6R4, Audi quattro S1, Lancia 037 and more.

MG Metro 6R4

The run will be easily visible (and certainly audible) from the main house and it will be just a short walk for those who want to get as close as possible to the action. Slowly Sideways was founded by Reinhard Klein, who wanted to showcase rally cars from the 1970s, 80s and 90s in action, as modern regulations bar them from competition unless subject to extensive modifications that would diminish their authenticity.

The event offers a great opportunity to see the cars that changed the face of rally driving forever with their innovative engineering and extraordinary performance.

As usual, Wilton Classic Supercar with Castrol Edge will feature the annual supercar parade, a hypercar paddock and classic car displays sponsored by EFG International Bank, as well as an even bigger and better catering village and the Inch Perfect Motorcycle display team.

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