Mega Maserati display promised at Goodwood

| 4 Aug 2014

The Goodwood Revival is set to mark the 60th anniversary of the Maserati 250F's competition debut with a massive on-track display at the 12-14 September event. It is hoped to be one of the largest gatherings of 250Fs in many years.

The Richmond Trophy, which this year features 2.5-litre, front-engined Grand Prix cars, is also likely to be packed with Maseratis, with no fewer than 16 examples expected to compete. One of only two V12-engined versions will be on the grid.

The Maserati 250F made its competition debut at the 1954 Argentinian Grand Prix, winning the race in the hands of five-time Formula One World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, and quickly became a favourite of Stirling Moss, Roy Salvadori and Jean Behra.

Further success followed, including at Goodwood; Salvadori and Moss won the 1956 and '57 Glover Trophy races at the circuit. The 1957 German Grand Prix also proved fruitful for Fangio, who overcame almost unbelievable odds to catch and pass the Ferraris of Hawthorn and Collins, snatching victory, and with it his fifth F1 title.

Fangio's '57 German Grand Prix winner will be on display at the meeting, as well as featuring in a number of high-speed demonstration runs throughout the weekend.