Porsche 911 birthday bash planned for Amelia Island

| 28 Sep 2012

The 50th anniversary of the definitive do-anything sports car – Porsche’s timeless 911 – will be celebrated at next year’s 18th Annual Amelia Island Concours from 8-10 March.

“The profile of Porsche’s 911 is instantly recognisable,” said Bill Warner, founder and chairman of the event. “The 911’s shape has remained fresh, contemporary and basically unchanged since the day the first 911 was built a half century ago. That must be the best and purist definition of a truly great design.” Amelia is also to feature another 50-year-old icon in 2013 – the Ford GT40 – and the cars of Harry Miller.

No further information has been release but the US event, which has so far donated more than $1.8million to charity, is sure to attract some of the key model’s in the 911’s illustrious line-up.

In the meantime you can download full-sized copies of the pictures below, just click the links.

For a photo of an early 911 (the main image) courtesy of Porsche Werks, click here.

Follow this link for Peter Harholdt’s front-on image of the Brumos IMSA Championship-winning 935.

Or click here for Bill Warner’s wonderful shot of a battered and bruised Daytona-winning ’73 Carrera driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood.