Rétromobile theme leaves terra firma

| 9 Nov 2011

Paris’ top classic event will showcase the history of amphibious cars when Rétromobile kicks off at Porte de Versailles on 1 February.A 1932 Comète (below) and 1942 Hydromobile will star alongside other automotive-cum-maritime icons such as a 1937 Trippel SG6, and the more commonly known Triumph-powered Amphicar (lead image).

The five-day show’s ‘Inventions that aren't dead in the water!’ theme will honour the inventors determined to create cars that could take to the water, starting with the Comète that taxi company owner Ulysse Texier de la Caillerie developed in the hope of tempting orders from the military.His idea was rejected by Colonel Charles de Gaulle, but it inspired the German army’s SG6, with the example planned for display being one of just two survivors from the 1000 made.More recent amphibious cars on show will include a 1982 example of a Hobbycar, the French civilian vehicle that could do 140kph on land and nine Knots in water. Tickets to Rétromobile cost €14, children under 12 €8, and those under six free.See Rétromobile for more.