Retromobile to honour Peugeot 205’s birthday

| 27 Nov 2012

As Peugeot’s 205 celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, six examples of the diminutive hatchback will be on display at Rétromobile in Paris from 6-10 February.

Almost called the 105, the 205’s much-loved shape came from a collaboration between Peugeot’s own style centre, La Garenne, and the masters of car design –Pininfarina.

Beginning life as a ‘run of the mill’ hatchback, the little Peugeot soon spawned a halo model the now legendary GTI, plus a Group B rally giant – the T16.

The range was largely responsible for Peugeot avoiding receivership and would remain in production for more than 15 years.

The 205s will join 410 other exhibitors, with highlights including a display of propeller-driven cars and a show of the factory-approved Shelby American Cobras, which are sold by the Gentlemen Car firm in Europe.

Rétromobile will also pay tribute to Roland Garros who was the first person to cross the Mediterranean by air, before becoming a prisoner of war in WW1. Both his record-breaking aircraft – a Morane-Saulnier monoplane – and his prized 5-litre Bugatti will be unwrapped at the five-day event.

To find out more visit the show’s website.