Speedwell Dogcart to complete historic run to Brighton

| 29 Aug 2013

Sir Ray Tindle is set to complete his 50th London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in his faithful single-cylinder 1904 Speedwell Dogcart on 3 November.

His love for the 60-mile journey from Hyde Park to Madeira Drive began as one of the half-million spectators that lined the route.

The businessman, who was knighted in 1994, has also been the event’s longest-standing sponsor.

He said: “I can recall the exact spot on Streatham Common where my parents took me to watch these wonderful old machines pass. Of course, then the oldest car taking part was probably only about 30-years old, but still totally different from their modern counterparts. I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to ride on one of those cars.”

Despite purchasing a 1903 Georges Richard, which unlike the Speedwell has a closed driving cabin, Sir Ray has yet to abandon the trusty Dogcart.

Ben Cussons, Chairman of the VCR Steering Group, said: “I’m sure his lifelong passion for the run will inspire new generations of roadside spectators to get involved in what is one of the world’s most iconic and unique motoring experiences.”

Find out more on the event’s website.