Thousands of Morrises celebrate their marque's centenary in style

| 20 Jun 2013

More than 2000 Morris enthusiasts brought their cars to Cornbury Park Near Oxford to celebrate this most British of marque's Centenary year.

Morris cars first rolled off the production line in Oxford in 1913 with the ‘Bullnose’ some of these early examples were on display such as Adrian Goding's ‘Routledge Special.’

As well as cars, Morris produced numerous Commercial vehicles many of which were on show including later post-war trucks, vans, and even bomb disposal vans.

It is the post-war era where Morris created that symbol of ‘Britishness’ the Morris Minor.

Hundreds of Morris Minor Owners' Club members assembled in the showground with their prized Issigonis-designed marvel.

Shiny was the order of the day with a few barn-find interlopers sharing the display.

Bomb disposal van owned by Godfrey Crew

Ted Warrilow's concours 1949 low-light Tourer

Words and pictures: Neil Godwin-Stubbert