Ex-Colin Chapman Range Rover up for grabs

| 20 Feb 2013

A Range Rover that once belonged to Lotus boss Colin Chapman is being sold by Kingsley Cars for a princely £49,500.  

The 1979 machine was supplied to the motor sport legend directly from Land-Rover and stayed with his family for 13 years.

It comes with a full history that includes being gifted to the gardener by Chapman’s wife Hazel and making its way through two more owners, before being snapped up by the north Oxfordshire dealer.

While the exterior has been subject to a respray, the interior remains completely original and the car has just 41,455 miles on the clock, with MoT certificates to confirm this.

The thousands of pounds spent during the luxury off-roader’s life cover big jobs such as replacing the wings and sills, rebuilding the engine (it’s covered fewer than 4000 miles since), refurbishing the brakes and fitting new LSE transfer-box internals for better fuel economy.

View the full advert on the showroom’s website.