Something for (what's left of) the weekend - Ford Mustang

| 19 Aug 2012

Not everyone at C&SC is swanning around California pretending to work, but if like us you’ve been glued to your computer by the pictures of exotica being beamed back by the team you may be hankering for something American. Something like the Ford Mustang.

Like the best cars, it was built to a simple design brief: it should have four seats, space for a small block V8 and a standard-fit floor shifter.

It obviously struck a chord with the American public as it smashed sales records left right and centre.

Now its widespread numbers and stone-age mechanics make it one of the more attractive performance classics.

Its combination of lazy engines and durability giving it an obvious advantage of more fragile european exotica.

And, helped by numerous film appearances, it's also one of the most distinctive shapes out there.

And if you're willing to engage in car buying Stateside - and can live with a six-cylinder engine - then this convertible is yours for around £12,000.

To be honest though, it’s hard recommend a Mustang without a V8 bassline when, for less than £15,000, you could have this one.

It looks resplendent in Solid Flame red and has been treated to visual enhancements with new chrome bumpers, rear light surrounds, door mirrors and a fresh interior. It also has a 289cu in V8 engine. 

As always, it's well worth doing your research and the Mustang's popularity means there’s plenty of books and websites – such as and – where you can learn more about the do and don’ts of Mustang ownership.

Or, you could throw caution to the wind and opt for something like this

Likely subject to personal preference, it has been modelled on Eleanor – the Shelby Mustang GT500 that starred in Gone in 60 Seconds. As a result it’s got a too-much-to-mention here spec list, which includes highlights such as a 7-litre engine with 550bhp and 490lb ft of torque.

It’s all a bit Max Power though, which leave us thinking another trip to the US might be the sensible option, where you can pick up a car like this 428 R  with original looks and the peace of mind of a full restoration.

It might not be the last word in sophistication, but the Mustang has a list of qualities that few can match – not least the longevity – which makes it a usable performance classic. 

As always there is our handy, printable and 100% free guide, just click here to download it.