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  • Fuel inertia switch

    Fuel inertia switch

    This handy device will ensure your classic’s fuel pump cuts out in the event of an accident, greatly reducing the risk of fuel spillage or fire. It can be located anywhere that gives access to the fuel pump wiring, but must be securely fixed to the vehicle’s structure. 


  • Bavarian Crono 190SL anniversary watch

    Bavarian Crono 190SL anniversary watch

    Bavarian Crono has released a new watch to commemorate the Mercedes-Benz 190SL. A choice of two stainless steel versions are available, both powered by Ronda Swiss movements. 

    The face of the watch, including the hands, correspond in detail to the 190SL's speedometer, while the crown replicates the fuel filler cap. Hand-made in Germany, prices start from £185.


  • Nordschleife 1927 watch

    Nordschleife 1927 watch

    A new timepiece has been released to commemorate the infamous Nordschleife, and the legendary 24-hour races that took place there. The watch differs from conventional pieces due to its interesting face, which displays all 24 hours in the day as opposed to 12. 

    The watch is made in Germany using a Swiss movement and is enclosed in a sturdy 43mm stainless steel housing. It retails for €119.

    Visit for more details or to place an order.

  • Laser Tools booster cables

    Laser Tools booster cables

    Laser Tools new range of booster cables utilise high quality copper clad aluminium wire enveloped in a hard wearing PVC sheath for superior durability and finish as well as value for money. The sturdy clamps are fully insulated and designed to be easy to grip. Supplied in a handy zip-lock bag, three sets are available rated at 200, 400 and 700 amps. Prices start from £21.31 (5851), £24.36 (5852) and £36.55 (5853).

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