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  • CarCapsule ShowCase car enclosure

    CarCapsule ShowCase car enclosure

    An ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter which seals
    your treasured classic car away from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew,
    musty orders and pests.  This car cover is supported by heavy-duty
    resilient inflatable air columns and features a front panel which zips open
    and away of easily driven in and out.  Ships anywhere in the world from the
    USA. To see a video go to for more information go
    to or call 001-219-945-9493



    London-based Aaron Radiators has announced a brand-new range of aluminium radiators for classic Jaguars, starting with a unit designed to service the Series III E-type’s V12 engine. The original copper and brass item tips the scales at 13kg, while the new unit weighs just 6.5kg – ideal for performance applications where low weight is of benefit.; 020 8653 1144

  • Jaguar E-type parts catalogue

    Jaguar E-type parts catalogue

    Pick up SNG Barratt's excellent hardback parts catalogue for the Series I and Series II E-type. Not only is the list of parts comprehensive, but it's also free with your next order. Visit to find out more.

  • Fuel inertia switch

    Fuel inertia switch

    This handy device will ensure your classic’s fuel pump cuts out in the event of an accident, greatly reducing the risk of fuel spillage or fire. It can be located anywhere that gives access to the fuel pump wiring, but must be securely fixed to the vehicle’s structure. 


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