Rare Swedish body found

| 17 Mar 2011

Spotted at a scrapyard on Sweden's west coast recently, this Carina Plastkaross bodyshell is believed it to be a copy of the Ockelbo put up for sale by Erik Lundgren in 1957 (Lost & Found, June 2010).

The Carina body was made by Svenska Plastibilar AB in the early 1960s. Made of moulded glassfibre, you could have it in two chassis lengths, and as a two- or four-seater. Doors, windows and a hardtop were options to choose from. Strangely, the brochure recommended the fitting of a Vauxhall Victor windscreen.

This particular example has a different nose and features tail-fins. For an extra 100 kronor you could have it without fins, making it very similar to the Ockelbo.

Stoffel Mulier, who alerted us to the find, said it had been collecting dust for 36 years. Built in 1963 and adorning a 1950s Volkswagen chassis, it has an extremely rare removable hardtop that has no rear glass.

"The now-retired scrap man had found the Carina in the proximity of Gavle. Despite it being of little scrap value to him, he had taken it to keep for the future."

The shell also lacks doors. Presumably then, the only way to get in is to remove the hardtop and jump in - a very '60s thing to do.