‘Space age’ classic goes on show in the US

| 5 Aug 2013

A 1962 El Tiburon ‘Shark’ that’s owned by Geoffrey Hacker – who’s famed for finding and restoring rare classics – has just gone on show in Pennsylvania.

The Shark Roadster was one of Hacker's first glassfibre cars and will form part of the Pop Culture and Cars Exhibit at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum.

Hacker has owned the car for more than 30 years since spotting it when he was 18 and convincing the owner to sell it for $350 two years later.

Geoffrey fully restored the car in the early 1980s, swapping the original Renault 4CV engine and transmission for the powerplant and gearbox from a 1971 Renault R10.

He then gave it the Shark-inspired paint job that made its debut on the 1961 coupe.

Hacker said: “It looked like something from the future had come back and crash landed about 20 years ago.”

Also on show is the Museum’s featured motorcycle exhibit – the British Invasion – that features UK ’bikes from 1940-’70.

To find out more visit the AACA website.