A great new issue of C&SC for the New Year!

| 4 Jan 2012

Do targa tops really offer the best of both worlds: all the summer fun of a convertible, all the year-round practicality of a tin-top? And if they do, which one is best for you?

To help you choose, C&SC has done a massive10-car targa top test in the February issue (officially on sale in the UK tomorrow), with cars to suit every budget from just £2000 up to a whopping £75,000.

It has everything from the 'baby Ferrari' Fiat X1/9, through the original targa - Triumph's Surrey-topped TR5 (well the 4 was earlier, but the 5 was a better match for the Porsche 911.2.4S we tested it against!) - and on to Ferrari F355 vs TVR Tuscan.

Also in the new issue is the C&SC team's round-up of 2011 with all the highs and lows of the classic year, plus a raft of great features.

These include a wonderfully restored Alfa 6C-2500 with links to Il Duce, our favourite race transporters, the last interview with Jensen linchpin Richard Graves, a trio of Lancia Aurelia drop-tops, plus the magnificent Elva GT160, which wrung 160mph from just 2 litres.

For many enthusiasts, however,  best of all will be our exclusive interview with one of the great unsung stylists, the charismatic but elusive Trevor Fiore. After years of speculation about his health (and even rumours of his death), C&SC tracked him down and discovered a designer full of vim and readying himself for another assault on the world of motoring.

Finally, with all the hype over DB Astons at the moment, we bring you a comprehensive buying guide, with everything you need to know to secure that dream DB4-6.

As ever, we're are making our favourite pictures from the issue available for free so  that you can use them as wallpaper on your computer. Just click on the link above the pictures to download them.

To download your free Alfa 6C wallpaper, click here.

To download your free Elva wallpaper, click here.

To download your free Lancia Aurelia, click here.