Callum’s ideal Mk2: more details released

| 11 Jul 2013

Jaguar’s director of design Ian Callum has announced that his idea of the perfect Mk2 is in ‘the final bodywork stage’.

The man responsible for cars such as the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish, plus a host of other designs, plans to revise the Jag with ‘some modern twists’.

He said: “This work is a very personal statement of my thoughts on the Mk2. I have retained the integrity of the original car, a shape I have admired for so long, but there will be a number of visual modifications.”

The most obvious of these is revealed in the latest press picture as gills in the front wings, which will serve both aesthetically and to improve airflow.

Callum said: “I don’t want to detract from the original Mk2 but just imagine what an R version might have been like.

“I wanted to express the car in its simplest state, something that often happened to racing E-types but seldom to the Mk2. The car was always adorned with lots of chrome. I want to recreate it to a purer profile and detail. That is what this project is all about."

He added: “I am not sure what people will think of the outcome. I am not sure myself yet, but as a designer I must try new ideas, even on as traditional car as this. I will leave it for others to judge when it’s complete.”

The Jaguar, which is being built by marque specialists Classic Motor Cars (CMC) in Bridgnorth, should be finished in six month’s time.