Classic virgins get an introduction to the hobby at Gaydon

| 9 Oct 2013

The first Classic Virgins Experience Day at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon was a big success.

The 28 September event was held in association with Warwickshire-based The Tool Connection (home of Laser Tools, Gunson and Kamasa) and drew together experts from the classic car world to explain and share their passion with 17 people new to the classic car hobby.

Bob Wilkinson, a seasoned veteran of the Ford Y & C Model Register, started the day with an introduction to the benefits of  classic car ownership and the importance of joining the appropriate classic car club.

Practical workshop sessions followed, with Roger Hanslip explaining about servicing procedures, Geoff Dee on carburettors and fuel pumps and Bob Wilkinson’s maintenance tips for classic ignition systems.  

The ‘classic virgins’ were then treated to the delights of no fewer that 14 different classic cars, ranging from an MGTF to a Ford Escort Mexico, all owned by club enthusiasts, and driven through the Warwickshire countryside for a rendezvous at The Tool Connection headquarters in Southam.

A tour of the company’s Tech Centre and showroom followed with demonstrations and advice from technical author Keith Anderson on how to put together a good quality and comprehensive tool kit without breaking the bank.

The Heritage Centre intends to host further Classic Virgins Experience Days for those new to the classic car world and would especially encourage younger enthusiasts.