Classics to be banned from Paris within two years


Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë plans to ban cars that are more than 17-years old from Paris in a move opponents have branded "anti-social, anti-suburban and anti-motorist".

The proposals would outlaw classics at a stroke, but also mean that even Youngtimers such as the Peugeot 205 and the Citroën BX would no longer be welcome within the A86 Autoroute that surrounds the capital.

Opponents say the legislation would turn Paris into an ‘island for the rich’ and point to the country’s heavy reliance on diesel – which emits three times the particulates of petrol and powers 60% of French vehicles – as a bigger problem.

The proposals mean that ’bikes built before 2004, plus lorries and buses of more than 18-years old would be banished, too.


Nuno Granja

Since one almost one year they have set up the same kind of rule here at Lisbon.

Cars before 1996 are banned from the center of the town, with two exceptions: cars from people who lives in the area and "vehicles certified as classics". They call that area "ZER" (low emission zone).  Yet the law is not legal in many aspects and there is no effective control.

We send two registered letters with 36 legal and cientific questions to the Mayor cabinet, and no anwser yet (first one is sent last March).

In the beginning of the next year we gona make a complaint at superior court about this law.

The "NO" is always granted but we could have a chance.

nuno granja


I'd like to know when we're going to see some sensible legislation in Europe regarding diesel and bio-fuels. The only way to tackle 'green transport' issues is to reduce transport - how much would the environment benefit from banning ludicrous freight mileages (shipping veg across Europe and back again for packaging, for example)? A lot more than banning older vehicles from a few city centres, that's for sure...


It sadens, but does not surprise me that Paris has decided to do this. Over the last 25 years whenever and wherever I travel to France I am struck first by how French all the cars are then by how new they all are. For all of France's enviable rich automotive heritage there is little or no evidence of this on the road. I drove my 1963 Dodge Custom 880 full of friends for a 2 week road trip in 2008 and there was little warmth or interest toward my car as I am accustomed to in the UK.

Paris in particular has set the scene for many classic movies where the car is the unintential star. The classic Noir heist film "Rififi" and its getaway cars and who can forget Jean-Paul Belmondo stylishly stealing the '56 Oldsmobile in "Breathless". Jaques Tati's brilliant "Playtime" is a homage to car in Paris. It was only on Sunday "The Obsever" printed a photograph taken by the brilliant American photographer Joel Meyeroitz of a 1967 Paris street scene, while not the focus, the stylish French traffic sets the scene;


Coventry Climax

Here in Frankfurt (and most other German cities) we already have the same ridiculous situation - only vehicles with the latest generation cat are allowed into the city.

Classics are exempt from the legislation if they are registered in Germany as a historic vehicle, but to get such a registration the rules regarding condition and specification are very strict. Everything else (foreign-registered classics, or those in less than perfect condition) is banned.


I think the Classic Car movement needs to act in support of our French Classic owning bretheren here. There are many like minded classic owners in France and we should support them. I think this move by the Mayor is highly discriminatory and in these days of often ridulous 'Human Rights' arguements, surely its the 'Human Right' of a classic car owner to drive their car where everyone else drives their car. As has been rightly pointed out, there are no grounds for an environmental arguement as classics are way less that 1% of the traffic and given most are petrol rather than diesel, each one is less damaging anyway. Its clearly poltically motivated and as usual, not well thought through.

Red Dwarf

BD-B  I am very surprised by the apparent lack of interest in your Dodge.  One of the reason we moved here to La Sarthe form the UK was the immeasurably better reception that our 1978 Corvette receives.  And all “classics” in fact.  And don’t even get me started on how nice it is to be able to safely leave the car street parked (Excluding parallel parking in a city of course! :-)  )  

I have reads about this impending legislation but will await to see it happen.

If politicians and the world population actually bother to find out about the environment, the risks it faces and the real causes, then more useful time and money could be spent addressing the problems.  I’m disgusted by the lack of fight  that any motoring organisations, media or real experts put up to the idiots who keep insisting that cars and transport are a problem.  I have been actively campaigning for the envirnment for over 45 years now, before the current crop of "born again greeenies" even knew what teh word meant!   It’s time people realised where “Green” is derived – GREed and ENvy! And any of the current farcical measures are fuelled by one or both!  

Of course, the real issues can’t be solved by taxing someone or putting a surcharge on – quiet the reverse!  Major governments would need to invest billions to halt the terminal habitat destruction that is affecting the climate and will eventually lead to more and more climatic chaos that will. Are they likely to do that?  Please??   By then, be beyond our control.    

And even then some fool will be saying it was the transport, despite the overwhelming evidence that  already exists to say completely the opposite!

The "Greenies" are killing the planet! It's time to tell the world the Emperor is naked!


Hasn't this idiot ever heard of Retromobile ?!

Classic owners must do something about this. Imagine the situation in London on the first Sunday of November with the Brighton run cars starting outside a low emissions zone.

It's all become very silly and I know it can be difficult to decide between an "old smoker" and a classic but it should be done, where are the FBHVC ? I know it's not a UK issue yet but unless we do something it will be.


Red Dwarf, I'm glad to hear that my experience might be unusual.

On the subject of the environment; Our modern retail and domestic economics are entirely based the automobile. There is a continued proliferation of suburban housing and out of town retail parks that have no public transport infrastructure and rely entirely on the car. They kill the traditional high street and put as all on the road whether we like it or not. Cars or personal transport of some sort is here to stay, rather than hammering it users who have no choice focus must be on building an envioronment that does not require its use all the time. I like to drive my car for pleasure and sometimes the necessity of using a car can also be a pleasure but not all the time, everywhere. I parked in the centre of Green Party controlled Brighton last week and the charge was more than 4 times more per hours than earlier this year and you had to pay for a full hour minimum. Fine if you're wealthy or there's an alternative. Whereas I actively care for the environment I am sceptical at the "green" modus operandi.

David Park

I and friends have been in recent years to classic car events at Pau, Le Mans, Angouleme and the Nurburgring - every time in our classic cars, registered in UK as 'Historic Vehicles'. Is the intention of the French to prevent us from doing this?
It would appear that they will kill off their own events if they do this.
Although I do not use my classic car as every day transport, it did pass the normal emission test at an MOT, even though the requirement for a car of its age is 'no visible signs of emission', so what is the problem?


What is wrong with the French seriously I mean SERIOUSLY are they stupid?

I say we should boycott going to Paris!

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