Classics to be banned from streets of Paris

| 13 Feb 2015

New regulations will come into force later this year that will result in older vehicles being banned from central Paris. 

The new legislation – which comes into effect in July – is an attempt to improve air quality in the capital that will initially target coaches, buses and lorries registered before 30 September 2001. From July this year, these vehicles will be unable to enter the city centre from 8am-8pm, though they will still be able to use the Pérphérique. 

The 8am-8pm ban is expected to be extended by July 2016 to include all cars registered before 31 December 1996.

Paris car ban

The government's ultimate aim is to ban any diesel vehicles registered before 2011 and motorcycles produced before 2015 within the space of five years. 

A mass demonstration against the plans has already taken place, with opposition groups suggesting that as many as three million cars could be scrapped over the next three years. 

Paris is the latest in a line of European cities that has come under pressure from the EU to reduce air pollution; in 2014 half of all cars – those with even-numbered registration plates – were barred from the city for one day in an effort to reduce smog. Heavily polluting cars have also been banned from Berlin's streets, though classics registered as Historic are not affected. 

Paris classic ban

Elsewhere in Europe, Barcelona has moved to resist environmentalist pressure by scrapping an 80kph speed limit imposed in 2008 and returning the pre-election 120kph cap.