Crucial anti-corrosion additive test results released

| 13 Apr 2012

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has today announced the findings of research into anti-corrosion additives, which aim to prevent damage caused to fuel systems by the increasing amount of ethanol being used in petrol. Since 2008 the FBHVC has campaigned for additives to be supplemented to fuel by suppliers, after an increasing number of members warned of ethanol’s negative effects. Yet this, or the point-of-sale labelling of ethanol content, is still not a requirement.To test additives, fuel was simulated sitting in a vehicle’s fuel tank over a 12-month period.VSPe Power Plus, VSPe and EPS from Millers Oils; Ethomix from Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Ltd; and Ethanolmate from Flexolite all received an ‘A’ rating, meaning that they can carry a labelled endorsement from the FBHVC.Chris Cunnington, chairman of the FBHVC, commented: “We’ve been highlighting these problems since 2008 and we are very pleased that the results of this recent research have shown such a positive result. However, it should be noted that, while these products provide protection against corrosion, the remaining problems of compatibility and combustion still need to be addressed.”More information can be found on the FBHVC’s website.