Epic Morgan drive to raise cash for charity

| 24 Feb 2012

A Morgan owner is to drive solo nearly 5000 miles around the UK coastline to raise cash for the Help for Heroes charity.

Frank Lomax from Buckinghamshire was inspired to take up the challenge when he heard someone on the radio say that if you drive east out of London until you hit the coast and then turn left, eventually you'll end up back in London.

So starting on 10 April this year, that is exactly what he is going to do.

Lomax will be driving his Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 – number 15 of 63 limited-edition Morgans launched to mark the company's centenary in 2009 – a model for which he helps to run the register.

The cars were all Mercedes Amazon Metalic Green and Roadsters have a 3-litre Ford engine. So far there are 40 members on the register and the whereabouts of 49 of the special editions are known.

The retired 68-year old reckons his journey will be 4690 miles and he plans to cover 200 miles a day on the self-funded epic.

Naturally, he wants to raise a lot of money for the charity by his efforts and is seeking sponsorship from enthusiasts.

He has an H4H Registration Number of 20120107-1473-8865 and you can donate by clicking here.

As this story went live, support including Gift Aid already exceeded £1500 so please dig deep for an excellent cause and make your own pledge on Frank's site.