Ford launches classic hot-rod body as official part

| 28 Jan 2013

The 1940 Ford Coupe body that is famed the world over is now available as an official Ford Restoration Part for $11,900.

The ’shell is constructed using modern welding techniques and high-strength steel. Rustproofed, it is ready to be used straight from the factory, or can be purchased as individual steel panels.

Ford Restoration Parts licensing manager Dennis Mondrach said: "Like its older 1932 Deuce Coupe and younger Mustang siblings, the 1940 Ford is a bodystyle and design that represents Ford at its best.

"The Coupe has always been highly sought after and collectible. Unfortunately, good, solid restorable examples have become hard to find and expensive, so this faithful reproduction is bound to prove popular."

The parts can be purchased from the Dennis Carpenter website.