Help C&SC fight the London classic car ban


C&SC is calling on enthusiasts to help to oppose London Mayor Boris Johnson's proposal to ban classic cars from the centre of the capital. Not only would the Ultra Low Emissions Zone exclude classics from the Congestion Charge Zone, it could spell disaster for events such as the Regent Street Motor Show.

As it stands no exemptions to the draft proposal have been hinted at or confirmed and there are fears that classic cars could bear the brunt of legislation aimed at other vehicles.

Classic & Sports Car's Group Editor James Elliott said: "When we revealed the threat a few days ago, it was greeted with outcry from enthusiasts so we are taking positive action.

"Even though there are some 800,000 pre-1981 classic cars in the UK, their contribution to pollution is so tiny it is virtually immeasurable yet they will be just as affected by this as the heavily polluting diesel vehicles that this is intending to curb.

"Classic cars constitute a £4.5billion business employing nearly 30,000 people in the UK and there are many dealers and support industries within the proposed area that could be driven out of business, as well as owners living within the zone who would find driving their own cherished car outlawed overnight. We are not talking about old bangers here, but pieces of history that have been lovingly preserved for generations.

"Plus, the prospect of an event such as the Brighton Run, immortalised in the film Genevieve, being stopped completely or forced to find an alternative start point after more than a century is unthinkable.

"That event perfectly sum up what our hobby is all about, it is not just a selfish indulgence, but sharing something with people that brings a smile to their faces. It would be a shame to see that smile wiped out by ill-thought-out legislation."

As a result C&SC has started a campaign to gather as many signatures as possible to oppose the change and secure a future for the cars of the past on London's roads.

It plans to deliver the petition personally to London mayor Boris Johnson in a convoy of classic cars.

Click here to join the campaign and sign the petition. 

For our story detailing the threat click here. 



In such a heritage city as London it is ridiculous that from time to time we wouldn't be able to pay homage to the heritage of the motor industry, much of it British. As has previously been pointed out the impact from classic cars is so negligible as not to register and that by preserving these old cars impacts less on pollution than destroying them and building a new one. Let's just set hypocrisy aside on this one before we start to delve into all the other areas which are much more wasteful and polluting. Let us also not ignore the impact on tourism when events including classic cars are staged. There was the CES Classic Chester-Monte Carlo Rally in three years ago and the city was heaving with people coming to see the event. Events bring in money.


Yet again we have an example of how detached London and its more well-healed occupants are with the rest of the presumes the Aston that William and Kate had at their wedding will be getting the boot as well then??

We seriously need to take a long hard look at this country.

I for one will continue to do as a I please. In fact it makes me even more determined to use my cars and bikes wherever and whenever I want.

michael charlton

After following diesel belching buses and taxis , I cannot understand the logic of this decision to ban classic cars from central London or any other town or city
When time and effort is put into making sure our classics are mechanically sound and far more so than diesel belchers the logic astounds me
So going all electric(cars) is going to be a sound judgement when we are fast running out of electric and the national grid is to bursting level?
What then? Candle power?
Get rid of lorries and feed the railways with goods


Yet another flawed 'environmental' policy - the use of a well maintained classic car, in lieu of replacing it with a modern car, is less damaging to the environment. Most of the environmental damage is done not driving a car, but manufacturing it in the first place...

And, despite the continued anti car stance of governments and so forth, how hypocritical that just a few short years ago, we were encouraged to scrap perfectly good cars (as they needed an MoT) to qualify and replace them with a subsidised new one. All while being encouraged to use public transport. On the one hand, its 'don't use a car', on the other, it's 'please buy one'.

 I know that the 'front' was to replace old smokers with less polluting vehicles, but as even Greenpeace acknowledge, the damage is done manufacturing the car...



Absolute lunacy, just another step towards removing the enjoyment of many people. I'm all for alternative forms of transport, I've been a dedicated lifelong cyclist, but I'm also a fanatical classic car fan, doesn't make sense


This, like many other motoring hobby measures a very few "leaders" and "lawmakers" are attempting to push around the globe, is only done so in ignorance and self promotion. These few are being manipulated by another few "green" activists who are also drowning in ignorance and the need of self promotion.

This issue is larger than one city and one man attempting to undermine history, hobby and industry. As automotive enthusiasts, we must come together collectively as a strong international lobby to squash such legislation. With the advancement of one city passing such a law, a door will be opened to continue the ban on a mass scale.

Enthusiasts at a global level should collaborate by flooding the office of London Mayor Johnson's office with letters and phone calls of protest. Many voices of reason will most always out weigh the whining of a few.


As always it's mixed messages about emissions.....only two weeks ago the media were talking about a proposed London Grand Prix?




ford xr

basically this goverment is discriminating against people with older cars not just classics not everybody has the means to buy a new car but what about the chelsea tractors driving round london doing 15mpg many older cars which are maintained properly arent that bad on emissons also my argument is when a new car is made how much pollution is created they are not thinking of the average working man who has to work for a living not members of parliment sitting on there backsides who get vehicles given to them that we pay for so if you are rich u can drive round london if u are poor u can walk as public transport is so expensive so take note boris johnson !


We should be able to drive our Classic Cars in London.
Because how many Classic Car runs start from Crystal Palace.
We pay Insurance and Road Tax.


Bob Hubbard


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